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Ciągnik elektryczny IT900-1200
Ciągnik elektryczny IT900-1200
Holownik elektryczny IT900
Holownik elektryczny IT900
Uchwyt ciągników  elektrycznych IT900
Uchwyt ciągników elektrycznych IT900

IT-900/1200 is a three-wheeled towing equipment for use inside industrial halls. It has been designed to easily move the trailer trucks and other wheeled containers, ensuring safety and comfort, reducing physical stress and increasing productivity.
Many configurations are possible, choosing from different types of batteries and tires. It can be equipped with various types of hooks, thanks to which it can be used for many applications.

  • Pulling capacity on flat surface: IT-900 3000 Kg – IT-1200 4000 Kg
  • Pulling speed:fast 5 km/h – slow 2,5 Km/h
  • Pushing speed: fast 3 km/h – slow 1,5 Km/h
  • Battery recharging time: 8 hours
  • AGM batteries: 2 x 12V/85 Ah
  • Electric motor: IT-900 24V/900 W DC – IT-1200 24V/1200 W AC
  • Lenght: 923 mm
  • Width: 735 mm
  • Hight: 1288 mm
  • Weight: 175 kg
  • Dashboard display: Remaining battery charge
  • Battery charger: On board – 13A high frequency
  • Speed control: Butterfly type
  • Parking brake: Electromagnetic with the possibility of release
IT900-1200 Dimensions
IT900-1200 Dimensions