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ErgonimiaThe basic requirement when designing such solutions is to preserve the ergonomics. For this purpose, we have created a number of solutions ensuring easy and quick operation.


SafetyAdopting our solutions in the industry, we increase operator safety, while maintaining law requirements. The safety provided affects the quality of transported products.


IdeaThe first step to design a suitable system for handling is the idea. Using creativity we implement solutions providing innovation.


RealizationEach project is divided into various stages, during which we verify the correctness of the solution. Before assembling, our manipulators are tested to ensure they will last for long time.

Short range handling – make production effortless

As a representative of multiple short range handling companies we offer wide range of solutions for nearly every industry. Years of experience allows us to implement new solutions with great passion and commitment. Professionalism, with which we design every application as well as using high quality equipment, ensures achieving the intended objective of each project.

By adopting solutions in the field of industrial manipulators, rope balancers we substantially improve ergonomics while ensuring the safety of the operator as well as the product. Wide range of gripers, allow us to handle every type of product in nearly every situation.

Feel free to check our offer regarding industrial manipulators from Famatec Spa, BalanceLift systems from Expresso GmbH and contact us via e-mail or contact form.

Powered handling and transport systems

Nearly all modern industries require also long range transportation of various goods. Not all products can be operated by forklift; therefore we offer various solutions to ensure high ergonomics in station-to-station transportation.

Depending on clients needs we offer either standard solution, focused on widely used types of products and individual handling aids that allow us to satisfy more complex clients needs. Customized load attachments in the shape of roller platforms, forks, hooks and gripers let us operate with shelves, filling & conveying systems, centrifuges, pallets, roller tables, etc. with high ergonomics.

In addition to our lifting aids we offer all types of effortless platform carts with patented drive. With payload up to 500 kg, we ensure that transporting heavy goods is not only more efficient, but also significantly safer.

Supporting assembly lines is another part of our operations

Supporting assembly lines is another part of our operations. With our partners, Kolver srl. and DoneCNC/TAIPU we offer wide range of Reaction Arms and Electric Tapping Machines.

Torque arms are used in production processes, on the assembly lines. Their number of advantages increases the precision of the assembly, at the same time speeding up the production and significantly improving comfort in the workplace.

With TAIPU electric tapping machines any type of threading and drilling can be done easy and safe. Wide range of chucks as well as 5 different types of arms, provide extensive capacity from M3 to M68 threads and up to 2 m range. Number of settings; allow performing almost automatic threading operations.