System pozycjonujący TLS-CAR
System pozycjonujący TLS-CAR

The torque arm with positioning sensor is an intelligent system that prevents assembly errors and ensures that every screw is at the right place and tightened with the right force. Assembly sequences and the X & Y coordinates are easy to program using a very intuitive menu. Assembly programs are automatically selected from a screwdriver based on the position of the arm and the current phase of the assembly. This system does not require to connect to a computer or use of external programs.

TLS positioning system consists of a carbon fiber reaction arm coupled to the encoder, mounted on a pivot point and linear measurement resistor. The encoder records the angle of a resistors distance. TLS controller converts measured angle and distance to the precise position of the screwdriver. The accuracy with which the arm is positioned, can be adjusted to the needs.

The TLS Controller has an easy to use interface that displays:

- Current number of a program

- Current screws count (screws already tightened / total number of screws)

- Distance from the screwdriver

- Angular distance from the target

- Device status (errors)

Main functions include:

- The ability to contain 8 different programs

- One program can contain up to 35 different screw positions

- Programmable precision

- Manual or external reset

- Different units of measurement (mm, or inches)