FRIENDLY vacuum lifter is equipped with special suction cups, which allows the secure transmission of glass, panels.


GINGO system is suitable for transporting products of different shapes, without limitation of distance.




MANTIS pneumatic manipulators with a parallel articulated arm, designed for lifting products up to 400 kg.



Industrial manipulator MASTRO is an alternative for cranes and gantries, suitable for limited working space.


Magneto manipulator is a perfect solution for the transportation of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic materials.




VERTIS pneunatic manipulators suspended on a rigid arm, designed for lifting products up to 600 kg.



PZERO is equipped with pneumatic clamps and mandrels for handling drums and rolls.


Mano manipulators are an excellent tools for handling boxes, buckets, pallets etc.



Vaquo is a durable and efficient manipulator for bags, able to lift bags up to 50 kg.


Tool stabilizer for threaders, drills and screwdrivers, resisting torque up to 500 Nm.

Introducing a complete offering of FAMATEC pneumatic manipulators. These systems have been designed to ensure the reliable fastening of the product and can operate in harsh production environments, such as air contamination or high temperatures. Each pneumatic manipulator can be adapted to grip objects of various shapes, sizes and weights.

Introducing complete offer of our handling solutions. All our systems have been designed to ensure reliable fastening of the products even in harsh production environment. Each solution can be adopted to grip objects of various shapes and weights.
Pneumatic manipulators with rigid arms allow gripping products out of its gravity center and rotate it according to the needs. This operation cannot be done with most of the lifting aids available on the market.  Strong and durable construction lets you operate various loads up to 1000 kg with 3,4,5 and 6 meter range. 
Rope balancer is an excellent solution for frequent short range handling in many fields thanks to large number of tested gripping attachments. Simple, continuous and precise maneuverability via up/down controls or automatic balancing lets the operator to be always in full control of the load – without any physical effort.
Our assembly support products are excellent tools for ensuring precision and safety of various production tasks. Reaction arms and tapping machines allow effortless montage without continuous lifting the tool by the operator.
Manipulation trolleys and platform carts allow to easy and safe long range operations with all types of products. Various load attachments and applications let the operator to rotate the products in all axes, ensuring safe handling. Thanks to high-end batteries, all lifting aids can work up to 16 hours without charging.